Counseling and Teaching

As both a medical professional and an individual who has benefited from the work of Isaiah 40, this is the form of Christian counseling I wish everyone had access to. At the center of all their work is a desire to help clients encounter the Holy Trinity and work with Him to find healing in their broken places, whether that work is individual counseling sessions or the teaching services that provide intellectual and emotional truths.

Dr. Joshua Pothen

Mentoring for Ministry

In over a decade of ministry to college students and 20-somethings, I have found that one of the most challenging aspects is the constantly evolving values, experience and culture of each generation (and sub-generation!). What was meaningful and impactful one year may be passé the next. Yet I find that as I minister to them, the work of Jesus and the cross are central to, and inform, everything: whether my existence is meaningful, who I am as male or female, the impact of my family of origin on my patterns of behavior, relating in healthy ways, and a myriad more. This is the teaching and language of Isaiah 40 and it is incredibly relevant and translatable to their life experience, applying the Gospel to every part of life.

Karen Kriger with the Navigators

The mentorship that I’ve received from Isaiah 40 through Alex Cameron has been invaluable. As a campus minister it has been paramount to receive affirmation, challenge, and insight from a seasoned Christian minister who listens well, reflects back what he is hearing, and offers counsel. Because of his background and gifting, Alex is able to bring the perspective of a counselor, gospel minister, and business leader/manager to our dialogues. This has been both personally as well as professionally formational as I seek to develop students and staff in the gospel of Jesus.

Ben Courtemanche
Interim Regional Leader, Northeast Navigators

Counseling Internship

In my work as a counseling clinician, I felt equipped to deal with a host of issues in a person’s story, from family of origin to abuse to anger. Yet, I have experienced another level of equipping and understanding through my experience with Isaiah 40. It’s there I’ve learned about the depths of true soul care as well as understanding more fully the real power and work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of people. I’ve experienced healing both personally and in my clients as we seek to see Jesus restore wholeness in the lives of His people.

Amanda McGann, M.A. (Counseling)


Congregational Coaching

Our church plant invited Isaiah 40 to work with our leadership team for a weekend-long mutual study of ministry and I’m so glad we did!  Our team needed some practical tools for communication, for fostering greater unity and ownership of the ministry, and establishing measurable goals.  Alex Cameron brought his unique insight into the human soul and his ability to translate that into practices that promote healthy and growing organizations. 

Rev. Justin Howard
Imago Dei Anglican Church, Bangor, ME