Massage Therapy

In keeping with Isaiah 40 Foundation's vision of addressing the Whole Person: body, mind and spirit, Cathy Brady offers massage therapy at Isaiah 40 on the Hill.

She is qualified in Swedish Massage, Masso-kinesitherapy, Trauma Touch Therapy, and has training in Facial Therapy. Along with helping to heal muscular problems, massage can address the many manifestations of stress, depression, neglect, and trauma.

Some of the reasons people receive massage are:
- The experience of receiving safe and caring touch
- Prevention and maintenance
- Stress relief
- Therapeutic ( injuries, trouble spots, chronic problems)
- Depression, trauma, burnout, anxiety, numbness
- Re-integrating with the body, when there has been a sense of detachment and self neglect

Cathy has an attractive office at Isaiah 40 on the Hill with a relaxing ambiance.

Her hours are:

$75.00 / 1 hour session 
$105.00 / 90 minute session
$95.00 / 90 minute session of Trauma Touch Therapy

Insurance receipts available
phone: 514-583-4064