Who we are

We are Christians of many denominations who have a deep confidence in the power of God to heal and transform people, growing them up into the full stature of Christ.

Our Purpose is to teach, to heal and counsel, and to grow leadership. This is the work of making disciples – the work Jesus commanded us to do. (Matthew 28:20)

The clients of the Isaiah 40 Foundation come from a wide variety of faith perspectives, Christian and non-Christian.

Our work is accomplished through the movement of the Holy Spirit, prayer and the financial support of individuals and churches.

We offer individual and family counselling, teaching seminars for all and leadership development seminars and coaching for Christian leaders.
For Christ and his Church. All the honour and the power and the glory is to and for Him.
To see people, regardless of their faith commitment, know the healing that comes from God.
To grow and encourage theologically grounded, healthy and whole leaders for the ministry of the Gospel.